Our Story


It all started when…

I shot my first wedding in the summer of 2012. I had no idea where that wedding would lead, I just knew I wanted to capture it. On that day, I fully recognized how many intricate details go into telling a wedding story. This first wedding got passed around, and my calendar began to fill up. I went from one, to three, to ten, then twenty weddings lined up. It was an unintentional success... and a quick thrust into being a young business owner. Fast forward two years to the summer of 2014, and a friend proposed that I shoot their wedding with this other guy, Matt. So, I did. I immediately realized how much I had been missing in telling wedding stories. Matt and I became fast friends, and a great team. With two shooters we started to capture the entire day with more precision. Each wedding was better than the last. Together we started booking twenty, thirty, forty weddings. We were on to something. We truly began to settle into our style, and with that we realized we needed a brand. A name. Something bigger than the two of us.

We landed on three letters, ARO.

At the time, they had no meaning. And honestly, we still debate about it. The A, R, and O are short for nothing. But, five years later, they carry so much meaning. ARO now stands for Consistency, Expertise, Reliability, Honesty, a Unique Perspective, and a promise to make your wedding day the most comfortable and confident day of your life. In the past five years, ARO has slowly grown to be an entire team. We have a lead videographer managing a team of six videographers, a full time editor, and an administrative coordinator.

ARO guarantees you the most beautiful wedding film, the most experienced team of videographers, and the most relaxing day-of experience. I've had my hand in over 125 weddings in the past seven years, and I've noticed one thing: couples want to feel comfortable on their wedding day. No one has ever wanted to be stressed out or feel anxious, so we strive to create the least stressful environment we can. Let us be a part of your wedding day so you can feel comfortable and confident.


Kyle Sklenar, Owner

My wife and I were fortunate to be the 1st wedding video Kyle filmed... His attention to detail and storytelling ability was exactly what we were looking for to capture our glorious day.
— Kyle Borgognoni
Kyle and his entire team were great to work with from the very first phone call all the way to receiving our videos!
— Jordan Ryba
You almost didn’t realize they were there filming. The end result was beautiful. We would use them again and again!
— Jessica Farriba